Royal Blue vs Navy Blue: What’s the Difference?

Royal Blue vs Navy Blue: What’s the Difference?

Jun 26, 2024

A space's feel can be greatly improved for the occasion by how many colors you decide on for your 2024 wedding.
as normal black-and-white color plans will always be popular, more and more couples are having fun with color choices to create truly unique wedding experiences. There is also a rising number of couples refusing normal wedding colors.

The colors of blue may be puzzling to you when you look about finding your bridesmaid dresses. What divides navy blue from royal blue? Further, we are aware that a single color can have distinct tones on different materials. For example, the color burnt orange looks bright and rich on satin yet muted and dirt on jersey.

The Differences between Royal Blue and Navy Blue

Are you potentially thinking of wanting blue as your wedding color for your big day, but don’t know which shade of blue to go for? Most brides-to-be would usually choose navy or royal blue. Let’s help you decide - will you go bold with a bright shade of royal blue that’s eye-catching and sure to bring your wedding guests' attention? Otherwise, you can look to go for a navy blue wedding theme that denotes simplicity in elegance and class suitable for more accurate classic elegant styles.

What Color Is Royal Blue

Royal blue is a bold, rich, bright shade of blue, which can often be seen as striking and eye-catching. This color was introduced into England during the early 19th century because it was created as part of an offer to make Queen Charlotte (the wife of King George III) a dress which explains why this color has been given the name ‘royal’.

In fashion, royal blue is a popular choice for both formal and casual wear. Its vibrant color palette makes a strong statement, often used in evening gowns, suits, and accessories to convey confidence and elegance. This is why designers will find it necessary to use royal blue in their collections as it would easily work for anything.

Due to its ability to bring a serious, polished touch to a variety of wedding styles and places, from sea events to great stylish estates, royal blue is a popular choice for bridesmaid dresses in wedding apparel. Royal blue bridesmaid dresses can be accessorized with a range of stuff, such as silk, satin, or silk.

What colors go with royal blue

This color looks really chic when paired with those pure metallics of silver or gold. Alternatively, mix and match bold bright pink or minimalistic white bridal accessories to make your bridesmaids stand out on your wedding day.

What Color Is Navy Blue

Any season is right for the adjustable hue of navy blue. The British Royal Navy's dark blue officer uniforms, which stood for power, expertise, and style, gave rise to the Navy in 1748. This deep rich hue has always been attractive due to its traditional touch of class modern blend.

This sophisticated color palette is often seen in fashion for; formal wear, business attire and casual wear. Its ability to complement various skin tones and match with numerous other colors makes it a favorite choice for designers and fashionistas alike.

When it comes to wedding clothing, navy blue is a classy option for bride clothing. Give your brides' gowns an urban feel to make them look attractive on your wedding day. Each dress could be styled with different necklines or silhouettes, offering a unique, elegant look to your wedding party.

What colors go with navy blue

Navy blue pairs well with a variety of colors, with soft neutrals like blush pink, ivory and gray. Or opt for a vibrant contrast of gold, or silver jewelry. or burgundy Chiffon Pocket Squares to floral arrangements for an elegant finish look. Bringing a touch of the outdoors through flowers in the bouquets and other aspects of the decorations will further elevate the classiness of your wedding theme. 

Similarities between Royal Blue and Navy Blue

Regal Associations: Royal blue and navy blue are colors with a great tradition of referring to royalty or authority, thus are associated with class and style. 

Versatility: They are liberal colors and they can easily be incorporated into either formal or informal wear hence making them favorites among designers and fashionistas. 

Timeless Appeal: Navy and royal blue are classic colors and they are expected to remain consistently in demand regardless of fluctuations in trends and trends of the different quarters of the year. 

Complementary Nature: They both can enhance a great variety of other colors, so you would not experience much of a problem when it comes to matching. 

Popularity in Formal Wear: Royal blue and navy blue are well-known as formal occasion wear; people wear formal dresses, suits, and bridal gowns. 

Skin Tone Compatibility: These colors are said to be appropriate for all skin types and therefore suitable for all complections.

Usage in Weddings: Both colors are frequently chosen for wedding themes particularly, bridesmaids’ dresses, which maintain the wedding tradition of ‘’wearing something blue.’ 

Royal Blue vs Navy Blue: Which Color Bridesmaid Dresses Do You Choose?

To help you make a decision between choosing which shade of blue to pick for your bridesmaid dresses, there are many factors to consider:

  1. Fabric: As for the shades, royal blue is perfect for delicate materials such as chiffon and satin, while navy blue suits heavier materials like velvet or silk. 
  2. Style: If you’re looking for a traditional classic look navy blue fits perfectly with this style. Whereas royal blue is great for modern and vibrant themes.
  3. Wedding Theme: The color palette of the theme is key for your big day to get the overall look you are going for. Royal blue adds a pop of color for the perfect summer or coastal beach wedding, whereas navy blue is ideal for a fall or winter wedding.
  4. Skin Tone: Royal blue tends to flatter all skin tones, making it a versatile choice. Navy blue, is a neutral universal, flattering color that adds a touch of sophistication to the overall look.
  5. Accessories: The accessory choosing: Taking into account what items of jewelry you plan to wear will help you in choosing colors that go well with your chosen suit and accessories. While navy blue looks amazing with jewels and diamonds, and royal blue usually pairs wonderfully with gold and silver jewelry.

All in All

Navy blue is darker than royal blue, it’s like the difference between deep and shallow water areas of the ocean. Both of them flatter various colors, your option for your blue bridesmaid dresses is up to what wedding palette you want. What’s more, incorporating pattern designs in navy blue dresses would eliminate the dull gray tones and unleash the fun.

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