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Stylish and Safe: Tips for Wearing Jewelry While Traveling

Mar 24, 2024

We all want to look our best when we travel. Showcasing your personal style is a huge part of the vacation experience, and whether we are picking the perfect beach look for the Caribbean or dressing up for fine dining in an elegant European capital city, the jewelry you choose to compliment your fit is almost as important as the clothes themselves. 

But traveling with your best pieces comes with a certain level of risk, and taking jewelry on the road with you requires extra safety consideration to ensure that nothing goes missing and nothing is stolen. You won’t be able to pick up a replacement for your favorite vintage necklace, even at the luxury gift shop on your cruise ship, so taking a few extra precautions is a great idea. Here are a few tips for staying safe and stylish while traveling. 

Choose Travel-Friendly Pieces

While the temptation might be to choose your favorite, best, and most expensive pieces, when packing jewelry for your trip it is worth opting for the more versatile, lightweight, and easy-to-wear end of the spectrum. Expensive or irreplaceable items will cause you anxiety and make you more of a target for thieves, plus they will be harder to pair with your casual vacation outfits. Choose simple pieces that can be mixed and matched to create various looks and avoid the worry of loss and damage. 

Pack Wisely

Delicate, fragile jewelry can often be damaged in transit, before you even get a chance to wear it on your trip, so take care to protect your pieces in your luggage. Use soft jewelry pouches and travel jewelry cases to ensure that your collection reaches its destination in one piece, and think about alternative, innovative ways to transport certain items. Delicate items should be wrapped in bubble wrap, while rings and earrings can be transported in empty pill boxes, making them easy to find and preventing the hassle of collecting spilled small items from the bottom of your bag. 

Be Mindful of Security

Personal security and safety are always worth paying attention to when you are traveling. When you are out of your comfort zone and in an unfamiliar place it can be easy to become a target, and tourists are often distracted when enjoying themselves, encouraging criminals. Be mindful of where you are and who is around you at all times, keep your jewelry secure in crowded or high-risk areas, and think about using a money belt to add a layer of extra protection for your most valuable items. If your accommodation has a safe, it is a good idea to secure your most expensive pieces to avoid leaving them unattended while you sightsee. 

Insure Your Jewelry

Travel insurance is always a good idea, so don’t forget to add your valuable items to your policy to give you extra added protection in worst-case scenarios. Travel insurance providers usually have special additions to standard policies that specifically cover jewelry, which is worth investigating. Make sure to keep a detailed list of everything you bring with you as well as descriptions, photos, and any certificates of authenticity or valuations, just in case you need to make a claim. 

Adding jewelry to your travel wardrobe is a great idea, as long as it is done with thought and attention to detail. Staying safe while abroad is always worth paying close attention to, but it is perfectly possible to add style and personality while staying focused on security. Think about the pieces you really want to take, as well as the pieces you couldn’t stand to lose, and insure everything you bring for further peace of mind. With this advice in mind, you can wear your best and brightest pieces with confidence, wherever your adventures take you!

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