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Expert Tips To Spot A Fake Cartier Love Bracelet

Oct 04, 2023

Beloved by celebrities, influencers, the fashion-forward and even the Royals, the Love bracelet is probably Cartier’s most loved and coveted creation. Since its inception, the Love bracelet has captivated jewellery lovers with its romantic history and iconic screw motif design, making it incredibly desirable.

Over the years, Cartier has released the Love bracelet in various metals and styles without altering the original essence of the design. So, its market value and demand remain high at all times. In fact, many invest in the Love bracelet, knowing they can always sell Cartier Love bracelets at a good value.

This is what an Original Cartier Love Bracelet looks like:

The Love bracelet is comprised of two halves that fit together and are locked with a screwdriver. Aldo Cipullo designed the famous Cartier Love bracelet in 1969, and since then, the item has remained a must-have in the list of all jewellery lovers worldwide. Upon looking closely, you can see the fine engravings, screw details and embossed characters on the bracelet, making it instantly recognisable.

The Rising Concern..

Everyone wants to buy Cartier Love bracelets for their iconic status in the luxury jewellery industry. Moreover, instead of wearing just one, many prefer to stack them on the wrist for the ultimate style statement. Unfortunately, this kind of popularity and global reach welcomes an undesirable side effect – counterfeit or FAKE Cartier love bracelets.

Hence, knowing how to identify a fake Cartier Love bracelet is essential to protect yourself from fraudulent sellers. So, sharpen your eyes, boost your wisdom and be your advocate to distinguish genuine from duplicates!

6 Telltale Signs of a ‘FAKE’ Cartier Love Bracelet

  • Examine the Engravings & Hallmarks
  • First, each piece of Cartier's love bracelet is stamped with a ‘hallmark’ signifying the metal quality. Love bracelets crafted from 18ct gold are stamped with 18ct, 750 or sometimes both, and those made out of platinum are marked with 950 numerals. If these hallmarks are missing on your bracelet, it’s surely a red sign.

    Second is the obvious ‘Cartier’ logo that should be present on every Cartier Love bracelet. If not, it is a fake.

    Third is the serial number, which is unique to each love bracelet. So, there will never be a copy of the serial number. However, there are several different formats of serial numbers: +one letter, three letters + three digits, and two letters + four digits.

    However, it’s worth noting that the Cartier love bracelets, first designed by Aldo Cipullo, did not feature these hallmarks or serial numbers. This made it even easier for the fraudsters to copy the design. So, it’s important to be extra cautious when buying vintage Cartier love bracelets.

    Lastly, if you look at the stamps, the fake piece often has a smudged Cartier logo, as it is done quite carelessly. A real Love bracelet is neat, smooth and readable.

  • Check the Screws
  • One of the most iconic features of the love bracelet is the screw motif design on the outer edge of the bracelet. Since Cartier is known for its quality and design precision, the screws will always be flawless. On an authentic bracelet, the screws are perfectly aligned and evenly spaced. They are perfectly stamped or attached to the bracelet without compromising the surrounding metal.

    But in the fake pieces, the screws slightly overlap with the other side and are misaligned. When you lock a love bracelet using the special screwdriver provided by Cartier, the bangle should align perfectly.

  • Feel the Weight & Material
  • Cartier, a reputed luxury jewellery brand, uses only top-notch materials to craft its products. The Love bracelets are made using 18ct yellow, pink or white gold and 950 platinum. The gemstones are also real diamonds, not crystal or white stone. So, if the love bracelet you’re dealing with is in steel, silver or other metal, you know what it is. If the love bracelet has diamonds, the stones should be visible from the inside via hexagonal cutouts.

    Since the bracelets are made from high-quality materials like gold and platinum, they have a substantial weight. It may be fake if the bracelet feels lightweight or appears to be of lower quality. Pay attention to the colour as well. Genuine Cartier pieces maintain a rich and consistent colour.

  • Shape & Size
  • Authentic Cartier love bracelets maintain consistent shape and size standards. A fake love bracelet is too big compared to the original, which is narrower and less wide. Be cautious if you notice any slightest deviations in shape or size, as the counterfeiters often find it nearly impossible to replicate these fine details accurately.

  • Packaging & Documentation
  • Just like its products, Cartier also pays attention to its packaging and documentation. A genuine love bracelet will come with the original documentation stating the details of the bracelet and the date of purchase. Check the packaging, too. If it is made of cheap materials or has errors, it is definitely an imitation. In most instances, the ‘Cartier’ text on the exterior and interior of the box appears too big and thick, which should actually be thin and small.

  • Know the Price
  • This comes as a no-brainer! A Love bracelet is expensive. There won't be a significant difference even if you go to the secondary market to buy Cartier love bracelets. After all, we’re referring to one of the world's most recognised pieces of jewellery. So, the prices are bound to reflect that. If someone offers to sell this precious piece of jewellery for a few hundred pounds, it is most likely a forgery. Check Cartier’s website or visit a reputed authorised Cartier dealer to get an idea of the love bracelet.

    Best Way To Avoid Forgery

    Remember that Cartier invests significant attention in the creation of its designs. So, even the smallest imperfection means you are dealing with a replica. The simplest way to protect yourself from falling prey to counterfeit models is to do some prior research. Visit Cartier’s official website and check what a real Love Bracelet looks like. Understand the design traits, for example, the styles and widths available. Or, how decorative are the screws.

    Moreover, since fakes are done so well, it’s important that you only buy your piece from a reputed seller. If buying love bracelets online, check the seller’s website, return policy, and customer reviews to ensure genuinity. Don’t just look at the photos, as they can deceive. Instead, authenticate it in person.

    If you already own one and are wondering if your love bracelet is real or fake, go get it appraised by professionals to ensure it is original. Some replicas are too difficult to identify and very close to the authentic Cartier love bracelets. That is why it is best to seek the expertise of a professional jeweller to get a definitive assessment.


    Owning a genuine Cartier Love Bracelet symbolises elegance and enduring love. Moreover, many buy them as investments to incur a good resale amount, making it crucial to be vigilant when making such a significant investment.

    Not to worry. Armed with our expert tips and doing your homework, you can confidently recognise a fake love bracelet and enjoy the beauty of this iconic piece of jewellery.

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