Why do foreign investors prefer to buy ready-made properties?  Rosery Poetry
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Why do foreign investors prefer to buy ready-made properties? 

Jan 04, 2023

Dubai is an exceptional metropolis. Some foreigners call it the city of the future and they are not far from the truth. The amazing city, grown on the edge of the desert, seems to have been created to amaze the human imagination. One more option that attracts foreign investors and expats to Dubai is the well-developed sphere of real estate. Investment in villas in Dubai has become a rational way to save money, increase capital and obtain comfortable accommodation. 

Real estate market in Dubai is versatile. The developers offer housing units of different footages, locations and prices. Buyers from all over the world can invest in off-plan properties and already finished real estate.  In this article, we are ready to discuss the benefits of ready-made properties in Dubai. 

Benefits of ready-made properties in Dubai 

The chances of investing in construction that will be frozen or not delivered at all are extremely little in Dubai. Still, some investors choose ready-made units to have more confidence in their business. 

Some more benefits of already delivered properties are the following:

  • Opportunity to see what you are buying.

In case of off-plan real estate, the investors cannot evaluate the object as it should be. They can only investigate the plan and become acquainted with the project. When you buy a real property, you can visit the residential complex in Dubai, explore the interior and exterior and make a decision.

  • The principle of work and move.

You do not need to wait for years to build and design your already bought apartment. Buying a ready-made villa, you can start to equip and live in it immediately. And if the apartment was already delivered with finishing work, then you will need to make the least effort to move in. 

  • Earning money from the first day.

Purchase of completed property in Dubai is a profitable way to start earning stable income as soon as possible. As an owner, you can address a specialized agency or find tenants yourself, start leasing and pay a mortgage. In case of properties under construction, it is obvious that you have to wait until the end. 

  • Convenient location and developed infrastructure. 

Completed buildings are located in well-maintained areas with developed social infrastructure and transport accessibility. It is possible to find an option close to a park, hospital or school. Public transportation has long been available. 

Downsides of buying completed properties in Dubai

As a buyer purchases not an abstraction of the project, but a completed villa, the cost is higher. It depends on the number of rooms, location, footage, and proximity to the sea. The minimum cost of a ready-made villa in Dubai is about AED 700,000. If you prefer to have a spacious villa of about 4,000 square meters, be ready to pay more than AED 200 million. 

Help in buying completed properties in Dubai 

Completed properties boast of no less popularity than off-plan real estate in Dubai. To perform the deal successfully, it is recommended to contact the reputable real estate agency. Dubai-Property.Investments is a useful adviser that provides qualified help at each stage of buying. 

The experienced real estate agent can help in the next actions:

  • Search for a suitable housing unit.

A professional always knows where it is best to buy a home and why. They have information about all the pitfalls. As a result, when you hire a professional realtor, you get a lot of useful information and you won't make mistakes that you might not even have guessed. It is possible that you will change your mind, learning a couple of interesting facts about a particular area of the city.

  • Performing a deal. 

The real estate agent will accompany buyers at each stage of the transaction. A buyer will not have to worry about checking the documents, knowing laws and communicating with developers. 

  • Constant monitoring of the market. 

Investors need timely information. If you're buying a home to further your income, you need people who will offer an interesting option in a timely manner. You can arrange to work with a realtor to give you the information you need.  

The results 

Ready-made properties in Dubai are equally interesting and profitable as off-plan real estate. With the help of a professional real estate agent, a buyer will be able to invest in the worthy object and earn stable income. 

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