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The New Look of Jewelry in Modern Technology

May 07, 2024

Jewelries have been known for centuries as a marker of social class. The extremely rich are distinguished from those with financial disability by their choice of outfits and pieces of jewelry. This is why one may wonder why an individual would spend up to $50 million to acquire Graff Diamonds Hallucination. It is wearing an object of luxury that is befitting to their social class. 

With the rise of technology, the jewelry industry has witnessed a significant shift in consumption patterns. No longer limited to the affluent, wearable technology has become a global trend, particularly among the youth. The Apple Watch, for instance, has sold over 100 million units, while the Oura ring, a tech-inspired jewelry piece, has seen sales of over 500,000 units. 

The popularity of jewelry and its accessibility to a wider audience is a testament to the industry's adaptability. Despite catering to a diverse market, manufacturers still consider social class as a significant factor in their design process, ensuring that their products reflect the wearer's status.

Connecting Jewelry to the Virtual World

The virtual world has become a significant part of the 21st century. One would have conceived it as a parallel world that cannot be united with the physical world. That has changed today. The virtual and the physical world have become one. Interactions go on in this world and spread also to the physical world.

If not, how best do we describe the influence of online casinos on players who now play online poker for real money from their respective locations but get to withdraw their earnings physically? This is the reality that has connected Jewelry to the virtual world. Jewelry now exists either as an inspiration for an online game or a wearable that impacts users' experience in an alternate reality. This section will focus on instances of Jewelry influencing the dynamics of the virtual world.

Blockchain and the Integration of Jewelry

Blockchain technology, renowned for its decentralized system that empowers users to control their activities without reliance on a central authority, has sparked a revolution. This has accelerated the adoption of cryptocurrency, particularly among the younger demographic. The ripple effect of this widespread acceptance of crypto has been the valuation of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which have gained immense popularity in recent years. 

This popularity has waned while investors anticipate a comeback in the future. But this is where it is significant in defining the importance of Jewelry or the concept of Jewelry in today’s world. Since NFTs were made from artworks, fashion items, and jewelry, they helped create a concept of virtual jewelry that can now be traded. So, instead of just possessing physical Jewelry, with NFTs, it became possible to also acquire digital Jewelry. This contributed to socialization in the virtual world since it became a marker of wealth and higher social class in the virtual world.

Online Casinos and Jewelry-themed games

Casino operators have also benefited from the tech innovation that birthed the internet. Like Jewelry that became virtual objects through NFTs, casinos became an online center through the internet. 

Today, players stay wherever they are and play various games on their smartphones or laptops. The most remarkable thing for the sake of this article is how far the virtual concept of Jewelry has influenced the theme of online casino games. From this inspiration, these games display valuable items we come across every day.

The developers usually do this by adorning dealers in a live game with wristwatches, necklaces, rings, and other jewelry. Additionally, there are specific games inspired by precious materials used in Jewelry. These games are 20 Diamonds, Dazzle Me, Gems, Gems, and Starburst.

What happens next to physical Jewelry?

There have been different opinions on why people should spend huge amounts of money to acquire Jewelry. For some people, it is an expression of vanity, while others think it is pleasurable. However, the question one might often ask is whether a time will come when jewelry will go out of fashion. The straightforward answer is that human beings love gratifying their desires. Adorning their neck, fingers, ankles, wristwatches, ears, and body (through piercing) have to go out of fashion first for people to stop using Jewelry. Therefore, Jewelry will forever be marketable. 

Meanwhile, there is a serious expectation that it will go through transformation. This transformation may include a change in what is considered precious enough to make luxurious pieces of Jewelry. Additionally, the introduction of new technology would significantly inspire creativity in the industry with objects like rings containing chips that could help alert its users of security situations around or even a health risk they have not paid attention to. There are already smartwatches that can do this. However, more innovation will drive this industry in the future.

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