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4 Gemstones That’ll Go Perfectly With Summer Outfits

May 17, 2024

Do you want your summer outfits to sparkle this season? Then, you’ll need to buy some gemstones that go perfectly with the dresses, bikinis, tank tops, etc. 

Imagine this: You’re lounging on a beach and sipping cocktails. But you’re not wearing boring beach outfits like everybody else. You’ve paired your bikini with a wonderful-looking gemstone that complements your style effortlessly. 

The International Gem Society (IGS) claims there are approximately 315 identified and listed gemstones. However, not all of them can go with your unique summer outfits. 

In this blog post, we’ll list four gemstones that can become your shimmering companions this summer.

#1. Emerald

Emerald’s lush green color and natural hue make it the perfect summer gemstone. Infusing it into your outfit will truly bring out elegance and beauty. Every time you go out in the sun, this gemstone will catch everyone’s attention with its beautiful sparkle. 

Try to wear an emerald in the form of a pair of gemstone earrings. Enthusiasts can take a look at the special collection by famous jewelers if they seek classic solitaires or trendy designs. Leibish notes that this nature’s treasure also symbolizes everlasting grace and utmost devotion. 

Pairing emerald gemstone earrings with a white sundress will surely look sophisticated, royal, and fresh. If you’re looking for a statement piece, you can wear emerald pendants with your formal or casual summer chic outfits. 

Besides dazzling earrings and neckpieces, you can wear an emerald ring with beige-colored or simple floral dresses. It’ll add a touch of natural elegance and vibrant color when attending beachside parties, going on a road trip, etc. Emerald rings are also durable and offer a vintage charm.

#2. Ruby

Rubies are usually popular because their vibrant red color is associated with love and passion. Industry leaders believe a fine ruby can be more expensive than a high-quality diamond. For example, Leibish reported that a 55.22-carat ruby called the ‘Estrela de Fura’ sold for USD 34.80 million. 

This summer, you can ignite your chic style with the passionate allure of ruby jewelry. Its hue can make your outfits look elegant and fiery. 

Unfortunately, this gemstone will be too vibrant for morning shenanigans. Instead, you can wear rubies when the sun is gone. Let’s say you’re attending a cocktail party or a sunset soiree. In that case, you can pair your outfit with bold statement earrings or a pendant made from ruby.

Ruby jewelry will make your summer outfit radiate with warmth and sophistication. You can also add ruby-embellished clutches and bags for a chic look to your flowy dresses. All in all, rubies are the ultimate symbol of the season’s bold spirit.

#3. Aquamarine

Industry leaders believe that aquamarine stones are scarce. However, this gemstone is one of the perfect jewelry pieces you can wear this summer. Considered a royal jewel, it can bring positivity and happiness to your life.

The light oceanic color makes it a refreshing addition to your vanity. Moreover, these serene hues make it a versatile gemstone. For example, it’ll go perfectly with light colors during the day and your unique black and brown outfit at night.

Are you looking to give your outfits a pop of tranquil blue? Then, you can easily pair aquamarine bangles with a flowing maxi dress to give off a beachside bohemian vibe. Delicate earrings and statement necklaces made from this stone would do the trick.

Pairing your minimalistic outfit with aquamarine rings can also capture the true essence of the summer sky and cool sea. It’s a perfect style companion for lounging by the pool or exploring coastal towns. 

#4. Pearl

Pearl is a valued gemstone that’s also considered controversial. According to PETA, pearl-makers use a process of cultivating this gemstone by exploiting oysters. That’s one of the reasons why people often hesitate to buy them. 

However, pearls are the epitome of class and retro fashion. It gives your outfits a contemporary vibe that is unmatched. Celebrities like Rihanna, Margot Robbie, and Taylor Swift have all worn pearl jewelry.

Pairing pearls with summer outfits will give you timeless sophistication and elegance. You can wear a pearl necklace when attending a romantic dinner or a garden party. Moreover, you can achieve a redefined look with classic pearl studs when going for an interview. 

This gemstone comes in different colors and types, giving you versatile styling options. It can give your summer outfits the luxury, charm, and glamor you’re looking for. Pearl’s unique allure can truly complement your summer outfits with refinement and grace.

In conclusion, gemstones can truly alleviate your summer fashion and bring out your inner essence. Pairing your clothes with gemstones can make each outfit mesmerizing and brilliant. These can adorn you with radiant charm and timeless allure. 

Gemstones like pearl, ruby, emerald, and aquamarine are perfect for this summer. When choosing the right one for you, consider the unique style and spirit each gemstone offers. Based on that, you can embrace either of the gemstones as a personal statement.

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