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8 Reasons to Choose a Moissanite Ring Over a Diamond Ring 

Feb 28, 2024

Are you still torn between choosing a diamond or moissanite ring? What makes moissanite the best alternative to diamonds? In this article, we will take you through the reasons why moissanite is gaining popularity and the reasons that will make you choose moissanite rings.

Moissanite was discovered by French chemist Henri Moissan in 1893 in Arizona, USA. Moissanite is a mineral that is an alias for silicon carbide crystals (SiC). Natural moissanite is extremely rare, so moissanite jewelry in the jewelry world usually uses synthetic moissanite, which has the same properties as natural moissanite.

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Reasons to choose moissanite over diamonds:

1. More affordable:

When buying a product, people pay special attention to its own value as well as its price. Moissanite rings are made from synthetic moissanite so it avoids the cost of mining and is only 10% of the price of a diamond of the same carat weight, which allows you to save on your budget or get a larger size stone for the same budget.

2. High Hardness:

Moissanite has a Mohs hardness value of 9.25 (out of 10), which is the second hardest gemstone in the world, almost comparable to the hardness of diamonds. The high hardness makes it highly practical as it can avoid scratches that may be brought about by scuffing in daily life.

3. Great visual appeal:

Moissanite's refractive index and dispersion values are greater than diamonds, and its birefringence enhances its fire and brightness, and after a high level of cutting and polishing, it has a more sparkling sparkle.

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4. Getting a larger size.

You don't have to spend a high budget for a bigger size of the main stone anymore, moissanite is a great alternative to diamonds, highly similar in appearance, if you are not a professional you can't tell whether it is a moissanite or a diamond, which allows you to get the look of a diamond at the price of a moissanite, and a bigger moissanite at the same budget you would have spent on buying a diamond.

5. High purchase satisfaction rate:

The thing that you may experience when buying a natural gemstone is to buy one that is not in good condition, whereas moissanite does not have this worry, based on the high standard of laboratory production base, the quality can be artificially controlled, so you can buy it with more confidence.

6. Environmental protection:

Nowadays, everyone has a very strong sense of environmental protection. Diamond is a kind of gemstone that needs to be mined, which is destined to cause a certain degree of pollution and damage to the environment, whereas moissanite is synthesized in a laboratory, avoiding the harm caused by mining to the environment, and therefore is an environmentally friendly and sustainable choice. 

7. Ethics:

The mining of minerals is usually associated with some kind of conflict (such as the oppression of workers, etc.), such as the mining of diamonds, many unscrupulous developers will force the workers to perform excessive labor and hire illegal child labor, which is a great provocation to the moral ethics, of course, 99% of the diamonds on the market are conflict-free, and moissanite, because it is 100% laboratory-made, avoids the conflicts and other issues that may arise. problems.

8. Suitable for various styles:

Moissanite is available in a wide range of colors, and the lab-grown base allows it to be produced in the colors you want to create the style you want, whether it's simple and stylish or romantic and ornate, moissanite can fit well into a variety of styles.

Pear Cut Moissanite Engagement Ring Infinity Promise Ring

How about it? After reading these 8 reasons, are you still wondering why so many people are choosing moissanite rings? What exactly makes it better than diamonds? Are these questions? Of course, it's more important to consider your preferences on which gemstone to choose, so I hope this article can help you a little bit, thanks for reading!

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