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Common Myths & Misconceptions About Lab-Made Diamonds: The Truth Everyone Should Know

Mar 20, 2024

Diamonds hold a special place in the hearts of both women and men. As they say, diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Diamonds offer timeless beauty and brilliance suitable for any occasion. Whether given as a gift for a birthday, anniversary, engagement or simply as a token of affection, diamonds always shine bright and warm up hearts. However, their high price tag often puts them out of reach for many. Fortunately, lab-made diamonds provide an affordable alternative. These diamonds, grown in a controlled environment, mimic the appearance and quality of natural diamonds but come at a much more accessible price point, catering to various budgets.

Unfortunately, many people allow the numerous myths about lab-grown diamonds deter them from considering them as a worthwhile investment, believing they are inferior to real diamonds. If you find yourself in this category, take the opportunity today to uncover the truth. This article will debunk some of the common myths surrounding lab-made diamonds. Armed with this knowledge, you can broaden your horizons and explore an affordable alternative to traditional diamonds.

Common Myths About Lab-Created Diamonds

Myths are bits of misinformation spread from one person to another. They spread like wildfires, both intentionally and unintentionally. In each situation, myths interrupt a person’s opinion and thoughts. 

When shoppers separate myth from fact, and learn the truth, making informed decisions about the new diamond pieces they’ll add to their jewelry collection is easy.

Plenty of myths surround lab-made diamonds. We will share those myths and the truth of the matter below.

Myth 1: Lab-made diamonds are inferior to natural diamonds

The notion that lab-made diamonds look inferior to natural diamonds is false. Most people cannot distinguish lab-created diamonds from natural diamonds because lab-made diamonds are constructed with the same chemical composition and physical properties as natural diamonds. The difference is that lab-made diamonds are produced in a controlled environment using technology and various tools. Lab-made diamonds present the same quality, clarity, and precision as natural diamonds at a fraction of the cost.

Myth 2: Lab-created diamonds look fake

As mentioned, lab-created diamonds are nearly indistinguishable from natural diamonds. Even some experts have a hard time differentiating the two. Lab-created diamonds offer the same clarity and brilliance as natural diamonds. After production, the diamonds are polished and cut to maximize their beauty. They never look fake or synthetic. You can proudly wear a lab-made diamond ring without worrying that people will know you paid less for your jewelry. No one will know it's made in the lab except you and the people you tell.

Myth 3: Lab-created diamonds are less valuable than real diamonds

A huge misconception about lab-created diamonds concerns their value. Although the diamonds cost less, they are just as valuable as natural diamonds. The lower cost results from lower production costs rather than being a sign of low quality. The diamonds undergo the same rigorous testing processes as natural diamonds, ensuring they are quality jewelry pieces you can wear proudly.

Myth 4: The selection of lab-created diamonds is slim

Fake news! Lab-created diamonds offer the same variety of stylish jewelry options as mined diamonds. Whatever you want, you can find in a diamond-alternative product. They’re available in a range of pieces, shapes, styles, and colors. Whether you want a beautiful replica Princess Diana ring, a gorgeous engagement ring, or something vintage, options give you what you want.

Myth 5: Lab-made diamonds are not eco-friendly

Another common myth surrounding lab-made diamonds is that they are not eco-friendly. Natural diamonds may cause environmental degradation, a well-known problem surrounding diamond jewelry. Lab-created diamonds are produced in a controlled environment using sustainable particles, reducing environmental impacts. If you care about the earth, lab-made diamonds help you reduce your carbon footprint.

Myth 6: The Diamonds are Mass Produced

Diamonds grown inside a lab are not mass-produced. Each diamond is made by hand after it is individually grown and undergoes a rigorous cultivation process. With a high-quality control process, diamonds always reveal exceptional craftsmanship. Each diamond is cut and polished for a brilliant finish using a natural formation process. Lab-created diamonds are not mass-produced, which generally signals a lower-quality product.

Myths are out there. It is up to you to learn the truth. We’ve covered six common myths above, although many other misconceptions exist. You must learn the truth so you aren't missing great deals and even better jewelry.

Lab-Created Diamond FAQs

1.. How long does it take to grow a diamond in a lab? 

Growing a diamond inside a lab takes a matter of weeks versus millions of years it takes to grow a natural diamond. Most lab-grown diamonds are ready to roll in about two to six weeks.

2.. Are lab-made diamonds real diamonds?

Yes, diamonds grown in the lab are real, despite the numerous myths that suggest otherwise. They have the same physical features as natural diamonds. Most people cannot differentiate between natural and lab-created diamonds. 

3.. Can a diamond detector distinguish a natural diamond from one produced in a lab?  

No! Lab-created diamonds have the same thermal and electroconductivity properties as natural diamonds. A diamond tester cannot distinguish between a diamond grown in the lab and a natural diamond.

4. Can I buy lab diamonds for an engagement ring?

Lab-created diamond rings look amazing on your partner’s wedding finger. Do not assume only natural diamonds work for engagement rings. If you are on a budget or appreciate affordability, lab-created diamonds could be the answer you are looking for.

The Bottom Line

Diamond jewelry symbolizes excellence and beauty. It is the most popular type of jewelry one can own. If you are among the people who appreciate diamonds but the cost prevents you from purchasing them as often as you want, consider diamonds grown in a lab. They offer the same benefits as natural diamonds at a tremendously discounted price.  Why not enjoy the beauty and brilliance diamonds offer without the costs?

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