Exploring the Role of Jewelry in the Digital Age Rosery Poetry

Exploring the Role of Jewelry in the Digital Age

Jan 24, 2023

Fashion and jewelry play an important role in how we look and feel. It can elevate an outfit and completely change your style in an instant. Now that the world is starting to move online, you may think that the jewelry industry is no longer as important as it once was –  but you’d be very wrong.

Although jewelry and fashion are often seen as traditional industries, they have had an extraordinary ability to keep up with the times. Fashion brands are always amongst the first to jump on new trends, push the boat out, and unleash some creativity – leaving other industries to take note and follow suit. In this article, we’ll be exploring the role of jewelry in the digital age and how the industry has transformed itself to keep up with the times.

Jewelry in the online gaming industry

One industry that has been booming in the last few decades is online casino gaming, something that the fashion industry has taken note of. In these online casinos, creating a sense of luxury and sophistication is paramount – and something that can be created by the fashion and visuals of the game. For instance, when players are in a live dealer roulette game, seeing a dealer in expensive-looking jewelry and lavish accessories can make them feel much more engaged and confident in the game they’re playing. 

Games' visuals are just as important as creating a good storyline and relatable characters, it can help transport gamers to new realms or make them feel like they are in a sophisticated casino hall every time they log on to their computer. If game developers want gamers to spend more time on their platforms, creating a good visual appearance through the use of jewelry and fashion can be an effective way.

Jewelry and digital collectibles

Blockchain, cryptocurrency, and NFTs are all now part of our daily lives, which is incredible considering that many of us had never heard these terms before a few years ago. Digital collectibles in particular, known as NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are becoming extremely popular; with many people investing in these assets to build up a collection with the hopes of making a significant return on them in the future.

Fashion, art, and jewelry can all be made into NFTs. The digital jewelry market is booming, with many buyers and sellers looking to own and trade virtual jewelry. Now, it’s not uncommon to see independent and prestige brands launching digital versions of their most popular pieces to extend the value of their jewelry far beyond the physical realm.

To make the industry safer, new technologies have been created to certify the ownership of luxury jewelry NFTs, making everything more secure for brands and customers. Because of this growing security, more luxury brands have started to introduce their own NFTs. In 2022, Tiffany launched NFTiff where customers can purchase NFT versions of their favorite Tiffany pieces after the company realized they needed to engage more with the new generation of customers.

Jewelry and Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are two very hot topics in fashion. Many fashion brands use virtual reality to do anything from creating AR models, improving virtual showrooms online, and letting customers try on makeup virtually through their phones.

A similar approach can be made with jewelry. Many online jewelry stores want to recreate the feeling of going into a physical shop and trying on jewelry to find the piece that bests suits you – which can be a difficult process when you’re just scrolling through images online.

Through virtual reality platforms, customers can select a piece of jewelry and ‘try it on’ from their own homes. Using their phone’s camera, they can see what a necklace or bracelet looks like on them, without ever having to actually try on the piece in person. This helps customers to feel more confident in their purchases and can drive significantly more sales for the brand.

The Importance of Physical Jewelry 

Although the digital world of jewelry has been growing consistently, it doesn’t mean that physical jewelry no longer has a place of importance in our lives. The digital world of jewelry is mainly seen as an extension of physical products, providing a way to showcase and promote physical jewelry in new and exciting ways.

Nothing will compare to the joys of picking out the right wedding ring bands for you and your partner or selecting a birthstone ring that is unique to you. The digital space is also providing smaller businesses and artisans a platform to share their creations with the world, rather than being confined to selling to local customers.

Ultimately, the growth of digital has been positive for the jewelry industry and has allowed them to explore more avenues that have proved extremely profitable for many brands.

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