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Fabric Jewelry Ideas for Your Everyday Look

Jun 11, 2024

Do you have many fabric scraps stocked in your sewing room? Do you want to give them a new life? If you do, why not use them to make jewelry?

You don't need professional materials and tools. With your basic sewing experience, you can make unique fabric jewelry that reflects your style.

Say goodbye to your old jewelry pieces, Let's start our journey to making yourself stylish fabric jewelry!

Fabric Recommendations

Before starting to make fabric jewelry, I list several great fabric options for you.

Cotton is suitable for almost all garments and accessories. Of course, this includes fabric jewelry. You must have many cotton scraps from your previous projects, so today you can make full use of them for necklaces or rings.

Do you want to add a vintage look to your clothing? If so, leather is a wonderful choice. Compared to other fabrics, leather is thicker and more durable. This means you can wear leather jewelry for a longer time. On the other hand, this also means it's a little harder to work with leather.

Other options like linen, organza, lace, and denim are excellent, too. In addition to fabric scraps, you can even repurpose your old clothing to create jewelry!

Fabric Jewelry Ideas from Necklaces to Brooches

With so many jewelry choices available, today we'll focus on necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, and brooches. For each type, I list several easy DIY projects you can finish. 

DIY Braided Necklaces

Stylish and versatile, DIY braided necklaces are really easy to make. Without the need for sewing techniques, you can even use old T-shirts to make beautiful necklaces.

First, measure your neck to determine the necklace length. According to the length, make at least three strips from fabric scraps or your old garments. To avoid mistakes, cut these strips a little longer.

With strips ready, you can start braiding them just like you braid your hair. After braiding, tie a knot at the ends of the strips for wearing.

Repurpose Jeans to Make Flower Necklaces

Let's repurpose old jeans to make elegant flower necklaces. If you have jeans in many different colors, you can mix them to make unique flower petals. To soften the look, you can add lace petals or pearls for decorations. With flowers ready, sew them to a ribbon for a soft look or glue them to chains for a cool look.

Daisy Leather Chokers

Apart from denim flowers, you can also use leather to make a daisy choker.  First, repurpose a leather belt according to your neck circumference. Cut and shape it as needed to make the choker. 

Next, use white leather to make daisy petals and add a golden button or stud as the flower center. Repeat the step to make enough daisies according to your design,

Finally, glue these daisies to the choker. Now, your leather daisy choker is finished, and you can enjoy its vintage beauty!

DIY Tassel Earrings

Using fabric strips and earring hooks, you can make flowy and stylish fabric tassel earrings. Start by cutting several fabric strips to form the tassels. The strip length and width both depend on the final look you desire. Align these strips and fold them in half. Use another strip or a string to tie them at the top. Now, you can thread the tassels to the earring hooks and enjoy your work!

Easy-to-Make Cute Button Earrings

If you don't like long earrings like tassel earrings, you definitely should try button earrings. These tiny earrings are really cute. Wearing them will add a pop of color to your casual look.

First, prepare buttons in a shape you like and colorful fabric scraps.  According to the button shape and size, cut the fabric to the size but a bit larger to cover the edges. Here, I suggest that your buttons should have a flat surface to make the DIY process easier.

Now, you can glue the fabric piece to the button and add earring hooks or posts to the button back. Wear your button earrings and enjoy the look they bring to you!

Fabric-Wrapped Bangles

In addition to necklaces and earrings, you can also make your own bracelets. First, I want to introduce fabric-wrapped bangles. They're a beginner-friendly DIY project without sewing.

It's really simple to make these bangles. Prepare a plain bangle. Remember to clean it thoroughly to ensure the fabric adheres properly later. 

Next, select your favorite fabric and cut a strip that's long enough to cover the entire bangle. If you prefer a more unique look, you can make a strip by combining several different ones using glue or sewing.

Once your strip is ready, apply glue to one edge of the strip and start wrapping it around the bangle. Don't forget to glue the other edge securely. After the glue dries completely, you can enjoy it and wear it proudly! 

Fabric Cuff Bracelets

Like fabric-wrapped bangles, fabric cuff bracelets are also excellent and easy-to-make accessories. To make one, simply prepare a cuff base and wrap a fabric strip around it securely. To further enhance the bracelet's look, add embellishments like beads, buttons, or fabric flowers.

Cute Button Rings

Are you a button collector? Do you have multiple elaborate buttons? If so, you definitely should try making button rings. Prepare some of your favorite buttons and adjustable ring bases. If your buttons have shanks on the back, use small pliers to remove them for flat surfaces. 

Arrange your buttons to visualize your design ahead, but don't layer too many buttons at once. Typically, one big button is totally enough for a ring, especially if your button shape isn't flat.

If your ring base has small holes for stitching, you can sew your button onto it. Alternatively, you can use glue to attach buttons to the ring base. Remember to leave enough time for the glue to dry. Once dry, your button ring is ready to shine on your finger!

Elegant Flower Rings

To match your beautiful blouses and dresses, you can try elegant and gorgeous fabric flower rings. Draw or print your favorite flower templates online and cut enough petals. Then, stitch or glue these petals together and add pearls or beads as the flower center. To finish up, glue the flower to the ring base.

Flower Petal Brooches

Brooches and pins are tiny, elegant accessories for a casual and formal occasion. Among the multiple DIY brooch ideas, a fabric flower brooch must be a top choice. It can effortlessly add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your look.     

Choose your favorite fabric and flower shape. Cut out petals, combine them, and add intricate details like a flower center and leaves. You can also use other decorations, such as sequins, glitter, or rhinestones, for a sparkling look.

Exquisite Embroidered Pins

If you're good at embroidery, why not make an embroidered fabric pin? Choose a design and sketch it into the fabric. You'd better prepare a fabric piece that is a little larger than the design.

Then, prepare a suitable embroidery hoop and start stitching your design. After completing your design, trim the excess fabric and add a piece of felt to the back for support. For a neater look, stitch around the edge. The final step is to attach a pin to your design, and it's now ready to wear!

Final Words: DIY Your Jewelry Today!

Now, you can try making your own jewelry using these ideas. Release your imagination and creativity to make one that reflects your own personal style. Don't hesitate anymore—start your journey to the world of fabric jewelry.

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