Jewelry-and-Expensive-Cars-as-Companions-of-a-Luxury-Vacation-in-the-UAE Rosery Poetry

Jewelry and Expensive Cars as Companions of a Luxury Vacation in the UAE

Feb 27, 2024

The United Arab Emirates is a lifeless desert where people have created thriving oases and resorts with fantastic skyscrapers, dancing fountains, great water parks, and grandiose shopping malls. All these epithets are not an exaggeration. The UAE is famous for its love of architectural records. However, the Emirates are not only the new wonders of the world of Dubai. There are also quiet oases with preserved atmosphere of Arabian antiquity. But there is something in common that unites the diverse emirates: high-quality beach holidays and an atmosphere of luxury that you want to immerse yourself in for at least a week.

Why do people in the UAE love luxury so much?

The wealth of the country and its development are very interesting if you delve into history. The country began to develop rapidly and reached its current economic and technological level in just about 50 years. Can you imagine?

The source of the main income is the largest oil wells, but, at the same time, a significant part of the profit comes from smart investments in the economic development of the country and international investments. All ruling emirs are highly educated, wise people with excellent education. These are competent strategists and politicians, excellent economists, artists, and cultural figures. Sheikhs spend millions of dollars on patronage and charity annually; they pay for the construction of comfortable medical centers, schools, and cultural and art institutions. These people lead a modern lifestyle and know how to invest money in profitable and successful projects.

Due to the wise investment of funds, the country increases its capital, as a result of which amazing buildings appear, and the most luxurious cars drive along the streets. Tourism is actively developing, and the UAE government is doing everything to attract as many guests as possible from all over the world. Why not brag about what you have?

Luxury vacation in the UAE

Let's return to the main topic of our article and talk about what makes a holiday in the UAE so luxurious and unique. First of all, we would like to note that Dubai and Abu Dhabi are the main places of attraction for tourists. It is in these two megacities the main flows of tourists from all over the world are concentrated. People come to Dubai and Abu Dhabi for incredible experiences, unique architectural structures, magnificent roads, excellent beach holidays, the most luxurious hotels, restaurants, and, of course, the first-class service that Dubai is saturated with. But expensive cars and jewelry are the main companions of such a holiday. 

Expensive cars as a companion for a luxury vacation in the UAE

Many have heard about luxury cars that drive on the roads of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. People in the news are continuously talking about another exclusive sports car purchased by a young sheik for an incredible amount. Staying in Dubai, you immediately notice that every second car is a piece of art. And it is worth noting that everyone has the opportunity to experience all this luxury and exclusivity for themselves. 

Car rentals in Dubai offer guests of the UAE a huge selection of various cars — from luxury SUVs to exotic sports cars. You can easily rent Bentley Dubai on one of the websites of car rental companies. Simply enter a search query and select the vehicle you like. Moreover, car rentals often have special offers and promotions, which makes renting a luxury car less expensive.

Jewelry as a companion for a luxury vacation in the UAE

Everyone knows that the Emirates and Dubai, in particular, are famous for their gold and jewelry. You can find stores of the most famous jewelry houses in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, where you can purchase unique products at an appropriate price. However, there is another phenomenon — Dubai Gold Souk. Today, Dubai Gold Souk has approximately 400 retailers, some of which have been in business for over 50 years. In addition to gold, many also trade in diamonds, pearls, platinum, and precious stones.

In this place, you can find gold of various purity and quality, as well as various prices. All stores and all products sold are under strict control of the Dubai government authorities. In addition, you have the opportunity to order a unique piece of jewelry custom-made from a local jeweler. But the price will also be different.

Wrapping Up

Vacation in the UAE is about luxury. When leaving the airport, you can immediately feel it. The streets are filled with luxurious, expensive cars, many world brands and boutiques are located in the buildings, and the local attractions and level of service are simply amazing. If you want to experience a completely different level of life, then you should definitely visit the UAE.

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