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Everything About the Obsidian Stone: Meanings, Colors, Properties, Jewelry and Uses

Feb 03, 2024

What Is Obsidian?

Obsidian is a common black stone. It is a naturally occurring form of silica, usually black, but also in a variety of other colors such as red, blue, gold and green.

The obsidian stone has been used since ancient times as a talisman to ward off evil spirits. Currently, most obsidian rocks are produced in Central and North America, and are the national stone of Mexico.

Obsidian Properties

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Obsidian is a natural mineral formed by the sudden cooling of magma flowing from volcanic lava, and is an amorphous gemstone whose main component is silicon dioxide (SiO2) and contains 1-3% alumina.

Obsidian has the properties of glass and is very sharp when broken. 5-6 out of 10 in hardness on the Mohs scale, glassy, translucent or transparent, density 2.39 to 2.41 g/cm³.

Obsidian Color

Obsidian is usually predominantly black, but we can also find snowflake obsidian, rainbow obsidian, blue obsidian, mahogany obsidian, green obsidian, gold obsidian and red obsidian. It may be monochromatic, striped, or speckled.

1. Black Obsidian

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Black obsidian is the most common variety of obsidian stones and is relatively inexpensive. Thanks to its shiny and attractive glassy luster, black obsidian stones are often used to make ornaments and pendants.

They could even make weapons due to its sharp edges. Most of the scrapers, carvers, and scythes used by the ancients were made of obsidian.

Black Obsidian Meaning

In ancient times, black obsidian stones were used to make jewelry and ritual objects due to its strong power to eliminate negative energy and ward off evil spirits.

Black obsidian is especially connected to the base chakra. It is also effective for identifying and then dispersing negative energies. Black Obsidian will help you to release negative energies while connecting with your true self. That connection in turn helps support optimal creativity, making black obsidian a great stone for artists, writers, musicians, and other creative types.

Black obsidian is also supportive, and it will help you to spiritually and mentally get through changes and turbulent times. Its mental and spiritual effects also support physical health -- since it removes stress and anxiety, it can relieve aches and pains and may even work to protect you against viral and bacterial infections.

2. Snowflake Obsidian

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This variant of obsidian looks truly otherworldly. Snowflake obsidian is an extremely dark, opaque stone with large white snowflake-like patches, which are caused by internal bubbles or crystals.

It's made of obsidian that also contains the mineral Cristobalite. When this mineral hardens, it forms snowflake-like white patches over the black of obsidian.

Snowflake Obsidian Meaning

Snowflake obsidian is exceptionally beautiful and is said to have the magical effect of calming our mind.

Like classic black obsidian, snowflake obsidian connects to the base chakra. It is also a balancing stone, but it works slightly differently. Snowflake obsidian will help you to both value and learn from your mistakes. It also makes it easier to focus and center yourself, so it's an ideal stone for meditation.

Physically speaking, snowflake obsidian can help to provide relief from skeletal disorders and problems with the circulatory system. It's especially useful for treating joint pains and arthritis.

3. Rainbow Obsidian

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Rainbow obsidian is the most famous variety of obsidian, with naturally occurring colored circles. The more colors it has, the rarer it is and the better it is.

Most of rainbow obsidian stones have only 1 to 5 colors, and in some cases, dozens of colors can exist at the same time. Rainbow obsidian is rare, beautiful and quite expensive.

4. Blue Obsidian

Blue obsidian accounts for 1.2% of overall obsidian production and is considered a relatively rare species.

5. Mahogany Obsidian

Next on the list is this earthy, beautiful mahogany variation of obsidian. Mahogany obsidian is relatively rare, and is usually a mixture of red and black. Very few of them are pure red.

It forms when iron or hematite is trapped in hardening lava. The result is a stone that is streaked with deep black and rich brown.

Mahogany Obsidian Meaning

Mahogany obsidian is an ideal grounding stone. Consequently, it's perfect for meditating, especially if you are easily distracted and need some help with focus. It will help strengthen your aura as well as connect with yourself and the world around you.

6. Gold Obsidian

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Golden obsidian is a high-end variety within the obsidian family and is more expensive than black ones in terms of price.

Golden obsidian is sometimes called "gold sheen obsidian." It forms when bubbles become trapped in hardening lava. When those bubbles are trapped in the hardened volcanic glass, they give it a beautiful golden shine.

Golden Obsidian Meaning

Golden obsidian has many of the mental, physical, and spiritual healing properties of black obsidian. However, it places a special emphasis on protection and balancing out negative energy. So if you're especially interested in obsidian's healing effects, this otherworldly variation is a good choice for you!

Gold obsidian is also said to have the effect of attracting wealth; thus gold obsidian bracelets are very popular among men.

7. Green Obsidian

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Green obsidian accounts for 25% of overall obsidian production. This variety of obsidian has quite a different look from others as they can be very clear and transparent.


Obsidian is mostly found in areas where there used to volcanic activities, such as Hawaii in the United States, Japan, Java in Indonesia. In fact, most of the obsidian comes from Central and North America, and it is the national stone of Mexico.

In the meanwhile, we can also find obsidian stones in Iceland, Hungary, the Lipari Islands in Italy, Ecuador and Guatemala.

Among all varieties, the dark colored or black rounded pebbles of obsidian or "obsidianites" is found in Arizona and New Mexico in the United States and are called by the Indians as "Apache Tears".

Obsidian Meaning

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No More Crying

It is believed that obsidian means justice and power, and is able to bring us energy, happiness and good luck.

In the Indian legend, obsidian stones are called "Apache Tears". It says that whoever has these beautiful stones will never have to cry again, as they are the tears of the Apaches who lost their families in the war against invasion.

Giving obsidian to your loved ones means no more crying and eternal happiness.

No More Evil Spirits

In addition, obsidian has been used since ancient times as an ornament to ward off evil spirits.

For example, there are quite a few ancient Chinese Buddhist relics or statues with obsidian to avoid evil spirits. It is still the best stone for Buddhist practice nowadays.

In the Mayan pantheon of Mexico, black obsidian was often used as the eyes of sacred animals or statues too. For Mexicans, obsidian has a special divine quality and is therefore the best instrument for divination.

Obsidian Healing Properties

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Since obsidian corresponds to the base chakra, it is quite useful for stability and calmness. For people who are sick or have insomnia, wearing obsidian helps improve it.

In addition, obsidian is also one of the most powerful stones in eliminating negative energy. Wearing obsidian jewelry helps to relieve stress, eliminate emotional distress, and stabilize our minds.

If you frequent hospitals, cemeteries, and other places with heavy negative energy, wearing obsidian is very useful.

1. Mental Healing Properties

Obsidian's most well-known power of mental healing is the release of tension and stress. But it does more than that. You may hear crystal healers mention that obsidian will help to clear emotional blockages. But what does that mean?

An emotional blockage is anything that gets in the way of mental and emotional healing. For example, if you find yourself overwhelmed with fear or anger following a traumatic event, obsidian may help you connect with, process, and finally release that negative emotion.

The result is an increased sense of equilibrium and mental well-being. A key part of this process is obsidian's ability to dispel self-doubt. When you are confident in your ability to heal, you'll almost certainly find that healing comes much more easily.

If you find it difficult to mentally process change, obsidian also may be just the protective stone you need. It will help bolster your mental fortitude and help you confidently navigate even major, difficult changes in life.

2. Physical Healing Properties

Obsidian is especially useful for ailments of the skeletal and circulatory system. It's good for healing general aches and pains, likely because of its ability to reduce or eliminate stress and anxiety. Stress may cause you to hold extra tensioning your body, and when that tension is released, you're likely to feel markedly less achey.

Obsidian is also a great healing tool if you suffer from arthritis. It can help to reduce pain in the joints and support freer movement.

In a similar vein, obsidian is especially helpful when it comes to the release of extra tension in the muscles. It can help to heal bruises, strains, and other relatively minor injuries. This healing property may be due to its support for the circulatory system, as optimal circulation speeds up both healing and overall health.

Lastly, obsidian is a powerful stone when it comes to detoxification. If you are suffering from a dependency on drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or even overeating, obsidian can help you to overcome it.

3. Spiritual Healing Properties

Obsidian excels when it comes to spiritual healing. It is deeply connected to the base chakra, offering a powerful connection to the earth. The result is a sense of being grounded -- a great place to start if you're undertaking the commendable goal of spiritual healing.

Obsidian also has a complex connection to negative energies. It exerts a protective effect from negative energy in two ways. On one hand, it helps negative energies within you to surface. That may sound like a bad thing at first. But this lets you identify negative forces that are impacting you before letting them go.

Obsidian also will protect you from attacks of extraneous negative energy. So it will purge existing spiritual impurities while shielding you from new attacks. It is an ideal stone if you are seeking thorough and long-lasting soul healing.

How to Use Obsidian?

Obsidian really shines when it comes to meditation. Simply hold a stone in one or both hands as you meditate. Obsidian is especially effective when it comes to bringing forth and then releasing negative energy.

When meditating, take a moment at first to identify some of the negative energies surrounding you. You may be a little uncomfortable at first as these energies surface. But if you can sit with them for a short period of time, you'll be able to feel them gradually melt away.

In your home, you can also use obsidian for protection. To do so, you can simply create a protective grid by placing one stone in each corner of your home, in each corner of a room, or at each corner of your bed.

You can also take advantage of obsidian's healing and protective effects by wearing it as jewelry or carrying it in a pocket. But in order to make sure obsidian is helping you to the best of its ability, you'll want to cleanse it first. To do this, you can burn sage, cedar, or a similar cleansing herb and place the obsidian in the path of the smoke.

Alternatively, you can rinse the stone in flowing water and then place it in the sun. After cleansing, place the piece of obsidian in the palm of your hand and set an intention for it. This will help to both focus the stone's energies and help you focus on what you want to change.

If you're looking for a new stone to add to your collection of healing stones, any variety of obsidian is a good choice! Whether you place a large single piece on a coffee table, incorporate it into jewelry, or even just carry a stone in your pocket, obsidian is sure to start making a difference in your life!

Obsidian Price

How much does obsidian cost? This type of stones are quite cheap as they are easy to obtain; therefore, they tend to cost between $2-$100 per piece depending on the quality and size.

Where to Buy Obsidian Stones and Obsidian Jewelry?

If you want to buy an obsidian stone and obsidian jewelry ranging from $0.5-$100, you can check Etsy. You can buy a raw obsidian stone, obsidian beads or obsidian jewelry, like an obsidian ring, an obsidian necklace and an obsidian bracelet that are affordable and of high quality and have them delivered to your house fast.

Alternatively, if you want to buy high end obsidian jewelry ranging from $50-$200, you can check Kendra Scott. You can also have all the products delivered to your home.

Cleansing and Recharging

1. Cleanse With Salt

The standard way to cleanse and purify an obsidian stone is to use salt.

How do we do it? If you use large grains of salt, then simply put the salt on a plate or dish and then bury the stone within the salt for about 24 hours. Reminder, it can be longer than 24 hours, but not shorter. This is very effective and can last up to 3 months with a single purification, also called 100-day purification.

If we use small grains of salt instead, we need to prepare a liquid in the ratio of 10 grams of kosher salt to 500 grams of water, and put the crystal into the liquid and soak it for 24 hours. Since the small grains of kosher salt are less energetic, you can carry it for about 1 month continuously for one purification.

2. Cleanse with Clear Water

Since obsidian and its energy come from nature, we can also use natural methods to help cleanse and purify the stone. Place the stone in a flowing stream or river and rinse it with water for 20 minutes before drying it. If this is not possible, buy a bottle of mineral water and soak the crystal in it for 24 hours. This helps to remove the negative energy.

3. Cleanse Using the Smudging Method

To be honest, this is one of the most commonly used method. All that we need to do is simply put the crystal in the room and let the smoke of essential oil, sage or sandalwood ( please remember to use natural essential oil without added chemicals) to work the magic.

4. Recharge With the Moonlight

On the night of the full moon, place the crystals on a windowsill facing the moon. You can also place them outside if it is safe to do so. If needed, cover them with a glass jar or bowl to provide extra protection. Moonlight will charge the crystals overnight.

To Wrap Up

In conclusion, the obsidian stone has been appreciated since ancient times and remain a beautiful stone today. If you are lucky enough to get your hands on one of these beautiful stones, you will absolutely not regret it. We hope this article has given you the insight you need to find the perfect gift for a loved one.

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